slip-on shoes: h&m,
                                                                                               shorts: primark,
                                                                                               shirt: h&m,
                                                                                               swimsuit: h&m,
                                                                                               sunglasses: ray ban,
                                                                                               necklaces: h&m, bershka, koton,
                                                                                               watch: michael kors,
                                                                                               bracelets: primark, san giorgio, athens protasis, accessorize
                                                                                               ph. Jelena

Swimsuit in May? Well that's pretty shocking!
Showing up your body when it's unprepared, untanned, and all the other words that start with Un!?
Believe me, it's scary!
After you gather all these facts in your head, you start figuring out many ways of how to survive, cause sun is waiting for you.
And the main guideline is: Layering!
White shirts, crochet sweaters, kimonos, kaftans, maxi dresses and lots of jewelry!
Simple as that!